Welcome to the BioConnect demo webpage!

This webpage is intended to show, how BioConnect works, which are its main functions and how to use them. You will also find some useful comments directly in the JS code, which will help you to figure out more quickly how this demo page works.

BioConnect is a SConnect addon, which is used for fingerprint scanning. Version supports those scanner's manufacturers: Futronic (with limited support for Dermalog), Morpho and Green Bit.

It allows to work with several plugged in scanners at once. Via this demo page you can select, with which of them to proceed. In case you don't select a specific scanner the first one plugged is selected by default. Its name is written inside the block at the right side of the webpage.

In the combination with SConnect PCSC addon you are able to match the scanned fingerprint with the one you have on a smartcard.

To start the application first plug in one or more scanners you wish to use. After that you can whether select one of the scanners or click Scan button right away to proceed with the default one. Proceed in the way the buttons allow you to.

This demo will work with Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera only, since it uses JavaScript Promise Object. For MS Internet Explorer see older version of demo.

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